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Mastering your Compressed Air System for Optimum Efficiency

In this blog post we look at how integrating an advanced master controller into a compressed air system with multiple compressors can assist users in optimising the systems energy efficiency. We also highlight the three key ways that advanced master controllers reduce energy consumption.

The UK’s #1 KAESER HPC Distributor for 11th Year in a Row

HPC awards

Annual HPC Distributor awards are confirmed each Autumn following the end of the HPC financial year. For a remarkable 11th consecutive year (and every year since their inception), Kerr Compressor Engineers has been awarded the HPC Authorised Distributor of the Year – 2020/2021.

Kerr Support Helps Renfrew FC Score New Life-Saving Kit

Renfrew Football Club is delighted to have scored a new piece of life-saving kit. The Gold Community Level Club based at New Western Park in Renfrew, has acquired a portable defibrillator thanks to a sizeable donation from Kerr Compressor Engineers.

How Preventive Maintenance Can Reduce Your Long-term Costs

In addition to reducing your long-term operating costs, four key benefits of following the original equipment manufacturers recommended preventive compressed air maintenance schedule can be aptly summed up with the abbreviation REAP – reliability, efficiency, air quality and productivity.

New MOBILAIR M59 Powerhouse Added to Kerr Hire Solutions Fleet

We have invested in a new low emission MOBILAIR M59 portable compressor to add to our comprehensive hire solutions fleet. Delivering 5.5 m³/min (195 cfm) at 7 bar, this flexible new generation powerhouse weighs under 750 kg so no special trailer licence is required to tow.

How Important is the Purchase Price of a Comressor?

If you are considering investing in a new compressed air system, what criteria will you use in making your selection? The purchase price? The installation price? Maintenance requirements and costs? Energy efficiency? Evaluating the true-life cycle cost of compressor ownership is recommended.

Helping Bring Scottish History to Life at The Edinburgh Dungeon

As compressed air specialists in Scotland for over 40 years, Kerr Compressor Engineers has vast experience of all manner of compressor applications and installations yet perhaps can lay claim to Scotland’s ‘most shocking’ installation at the famous Edinburgh Dungeon.

Oil Free Air for World Leading Drinks Company

When one of the World’s leading drinks company’s decided to install new KAESER HPC compressed air equipment, it was safe in the knowledge that they were getting a quality, reliable product with guaranteed 24/7 service expertise and support.