Kerr compressors The Edinburgh Dungeon

Helping Bring Scottish History to Life at The Edinburgh Dungeon

As compressed air specialists in Scotland for over 40 years, Kerr Compressor Engineers has vast experience of all manner of compressor applications and installations yet perhaps can lay claim to Scotland’s ‘most shocking’ installation at the famous Edinburgh Dungeon.

Meet the Customer:

The Edinburgh Dungeon is the ultimate immersive underground journey, bringing to life 1000 years of Scotland’s darkest history with tongue in cheek gallows humour typical of the Dungeon brand. One of five Dungeons in the UK operated by the Merlin Entertainments Ltd and winner of a Trip Advisor Travellers Choice award in 2020, the Edinburgh Dungeon welcomed its first victims guests in 2001. Since then, thousands of tourists have been introduced to different characters and chapters from Scottish history.

Highlights at a Glance

New compressor solution from air demand analysis Improved system flexibility & optimisation Continued reliable source of compressed air True 24/7 – 365 day service & support

The Application:

This hugely popular and imaginative Scottish tourist attraction includes thrilling interactive rides and eleven live shows delivered by a cast of professional actors. The Dungeon's shows are staged on theatrical sets with special effects including shaking floors, spinning walls, levitation gags and air jets. It takes approximately three months to research, script, rehearse and stage a new or a seasonal show at the Dungeon. A performance manager leads the research - pulling on primary and secondary materials adding in the characteristic Dungeon humour and twists and then works with the experienced performance, displays and technical teams to create the set and the special effects. A key element in bringing the shows, the rides, the special effects and Scottish history to life at the Edinburgh Dungeon is a cost effective and reliable source of quality compressed air that must always be available, operating quietly and efficiently behind the scenes.

How is the Air Used?

Compressed air is effectively a fourth utility and it is used at the Edinburgh Dungeon for a variety of critical and important tasks. This includes the operation of pneumatic valves, cylinders and actuators, to control safety gates and rider restraint systems and in creating special effects through air jets, subtle motion and tilting of platforms or controlling animatronic figures and other props. The sudden sound and sensation of compressed air emanating from an unexpected source or prop adds to the theme of a set or a show. The compressed air on site is also utilised for air operated tools, equipment and for maintenance, helping to keep the Edinburgh Dungeon operating and looking its best. Introducing different shows, sets and surprises for both new and returning visitors resulted in a change in compressed air demand. Working with our experts to consider both current and future air requirements, the Edinburgh Dungeon recently invested in a new energy efficient, quiet running compressor system.

The Solution

Our team of engineers has worked with the Edinburgh Dungeon team for over 15 years to ensure that their guests get to experience all the shocks and surprises on each and every tour. Having identified that there had been a recent change in compressed air demand and that there were significant potential benefits and cost savings in considering a new smaller system; we installed a datalogger to conduct an air demand analysis of the 22kW – KAESER ASD37 T SFC rotary screw compressor system. Compressed air audits using our modern data loggers, help highlight the efficiency, power consumption, pressure and air demand of a compressed air system. The data-logger, which is simple to install and records compressor load/idle information, is suitable for all compressors including frequency regulated units. Whether regarding system optimisation or tailored planning of a new system, Kerr customers benefit from the consulting and analysis expertise of one of Scotland’s most experienced compressed air system providers. Through an air demand analysis, we monitor, analyse and generate precise consumption profiles of a system, allowing us to accurately examine and determine the actual compressed air demand – throughout all operating sectors and at different loads. This is the first step toward the optimal compressed air station by calculating the energy-saving potential whether investing in new equipment or managing the efficiency of an existing system. Producing a detailed report with our recommendations, the Edinburgh Dungeon invested in a new quiet running, energy efficient, variable frequency drive 7.5kW – KAESER SM13 T SFC rotary screw compressor complete with integral refrigerant dryer that provides 0.39 – 1.40 m³/min (13 to 49 cfm) of air. The SM13 T SFC also features the latest IE4 Super Premium Efficiency drive motor thereby delivering maximum performance and energy efficiency. This not only ensures that the compressed air station will meet future legal efficiency requirements, it also provides an additional energy cost saving as IE4 motors ensure maximum drive motor efficiency. Installed and maintained by our specialist engineers; the KAESER HPC compressed air system features a large vertical air receiver to provide air storage and capacity during periods of peak demand; an integral refrigerant compressed air dryer that provides reliable protection against potentially harmful moisture carry over from the compression process and compressed air filtration providing highly efficient protection against dust, aerosols and oil vapour contamination.

The Benefit:

Investing in a new compact compressor system has provided an energy efficient solution to both the current and future compressed air requirements of the Edinburgh Dungeon.
“They are a bunch of lovely people who deliver great service, are reliable and accommodating to our business needs.” —Lisa Meridian, Technical Manager at Edinburgh Dungeon
Providing expert, professional advice from years of knowledge and experience in the Scottish compressed air generation industry enables us to accurately assess customers individual requirements to then discuss, propose and agree the most affordable, reliable and optimised system solution. Our specialist engineers have a wealth of experience of installing and servicing compressed air systems. This enables Kerr to focus on providing quality support and excellent, personal customer service 24/7 and 365 days a year. Paul Wynne, Service Manager (South) for Kerr Compressor Engineers commented: “We are delighted and proud to provide the compressed air services and support to the Edinburgh Dungeon.” He continued; “It’s great that this imaginative and popular Scottish tourist attraction educates visitors about Scottish history whilst entertaining them and that Kerr Compressors can help to make it such a fun and immersive experience.” Lisa Meridian, Technical Manager at Edinburgh Dungeon said; “The quality of the products and services provided by Kerr Compressors combined with the support of their specialist compressor engineers with our own skilled technical team has ensured the constant supply of air for our attractions, rides and effects for the past 15 years.” Lisa added; “They are a bunch of lovely people who deliver great service, are reliable and accommodating to our business needs.” For futher information and details about visiting the Edinburgh Dungeon click here to visit their website. For immediate assistance at any time, please contact our expert team on 0800 008 6588 - Kerr LinkedIn page