Cost-effective on-site Nitrogen Generator Systems

On-site Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems

Peak Gas Nitrogen Gas Generator

We are proud to work in partnership with Peak Gas Generation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of high-performance PSA Nitrogen generator systems for manufacturing and processing industries.

Utilising the latest air separation and gas purification technologies, together we create bespoke high flow & high purity Nitrogen generation systems for numerous Scottish industries, including Aquaculture, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Metal Fabrication, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment and many more.

Whether you require food grade Nitrogen gas or an industrial Nitrogen generator system for laser cutting, the food and beverage industry, Aquaculture or pharmaceutical applications, we will tailor our gas generation solutions to your specific requirements to help drive down costs whilst increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

On-site PSA Nitrogen generators (Pressure Swing Adsorption) deliver reliability and great value for money. Peak Gas Generation products are built to the highest quality standards to ensure long working lifespans, minimal service requirements, consistent operational performance, and maximum energy efficiency. Alongside robust nitrogen gas generator solutions, our partnership with Peak provides full consultation, system design, project management and access to a global on-site support service unrivalled in the gas generation industry.

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Peak Gas iFlow Series PSA Nitrogen Generator Features

i-Flow: Cost effective PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Systems

The i-Flow Nitrogen generator is amongst the best in its class of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) based Nitrogen gas generator systems. Harnessing the latest air separation technologies, the i-Flow Prime & Mini Series deliver high-quality, industrial grade Nitrogen gas at flow rates and purities to meet the demands of any industry.

Regardless of your application, an i-Flow PSA Nitrogen generator provides an energy-efficient, cost-effective and safe alternative to bulk nitrogen supply methods. i-Flow is a compact, modular and scalable Nitrogen generator system that provides the flexibility to expand in line with your business needs by increasing Nitrogen production capacity on-site and on-demand as your business grows.

Why buy Nitrogen when you can make it yourself?

Meeting your industry needs through repeated bulk Nitrogen supply purchases can be considerably more expensive over time than investing in an on-site Nitrogen generator through Kerr Compressors. In addition, there are numerous benefits of generating on-site Nitrogen, not least that it is less hassle and avoids the additional, unnecessary safety considerations that can cost both time and money.

Bulk supply vs On-site Gas Generation – key points to consider

Beyond the highly variable costs of industrial gas, supply methods such as cylinders, dewars and bulk liquid storage also create significant challenges for businesses, as well as many additional and hidden costs, which ultimately impact the bottom line compared to an on-site Nitrogen generator system.


Added costs

  • Cylinder or dewar rental & supply delivery charges
  • Bulk liquid storage planning permission, installation, rental & upkeep
  • Multi-year purchase contract commitments, with long notice periods

Logistics & safety

  • Frequent hazardous truck deliveries to facility
  • High-pressure storage, with risk of explosive decompression or leaks
  • Cylinders & dewars require heavy manual handling

Product Losses & wastage

  • Unpredictable supply timescales
  • Bulk supply needs frequent switching & monitoring
  • 10% gas returned to supplier & 20% lost to ‘off-gassing’
  • Downtime = lost revenue

6 key benefits of on-site nitrogen gas generators

Ultimately, a Kerr / Peak Gas Nitrogen generator system provides your company with the opportunity to eliminate the need to buy nitrogen gas in bulk to maintain production and replaces this with a robust, sustainable and on-site nitrogen solution that is not only cost-effective, but it is also far more dependable too.

Guaranteed Supply of on-site gas

Guaranteed Supply

Increased efficiencies, maximum productivity and minimum downtime.
Increased safety from on-site Nitrogen Generators

Increased Safety

No need for pressurised gas storage, so safer than bulk delivery options.
Less wastage from on-site gas systems

Less Wastage

Consistent and reliable supply means fewer product defects or rejections.
Cost-effective Nitrogen supply

Eliminate On-going Costs

No more equipment rental, long contracts or re-supply ordering.
Sustainable Nitrogen supply

More Sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the trucking of cylinders to your site.
Future proof Nitrogen supply

Future Proof

Scalable, on-demand nitrogen generation that can be expanded to meet future needs.
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