Air Quality Improvement at Barr Bottling Plant

Air Quality Improvement at Barr Bottling Plant

The Challenge

Barr's is one of the major soft drinks suppliers in Scotland and the UK, with their own unique brands of soft drinks. At the Cumbernauld facility they have four Bellis & Morcom high pressure compressors that provide compressed air at 40 Bar for blowing the bottles on the PET moulding lines. The compressed air was being treated via air cooled Denco refrigerant dryer equipment which had been installed back in the mid 1990's, the condensate removed by the dryers was controlled using timed solenoid drains as opposed to zero loss drains. In today's climate the gases used within the refrigerant circuits of these Denco dryers are not the most environmentally friendly and also due to the age of the units the maintenance costs were becoming more and more expensive as well as starting to have a detrimental effect on production.

Kerr compressors Solution

Our design team sat down with the project's engineer from Barr's and after several meetings and detailed discussions a proposal was submitted to install two new energy efficient BEKO high pressure dryers complete with zero loss drains, these dryers also have the most up to date environmental refrigerant gases in today's market. One of the other reasons for the Barr's group choosing Kerr Compressors was the fact that we could offer a complete turnkey package in regards to the installation of the new equipment for both the mechanical and electrical requirements due to the fact that we carry our own coded welders for the pipework and certified electricians. This proposal that was submitted, satisfied the clients requirements and concerns by providing 100% standby capacity availability for production purposes, the dryers complete with the zero loss drains provided the most energy efficient solution in regards to compressed air wastage and at the same time assisted with their environmental impacts which is a major concern to the client to achieve continuous improvement. Another benefit for the client was the reduction of maintenance costs for controlling the air quality within the compressed air system by less failures and expensive repairs.

The Outcome

Since the completion of the installation, the new dryers have provided Barr's with overall improved system reliability, a more energy efficient package due to the management of the discharge of the condensate and the fact that the compressors are no longer running to deal with wastage air but that of the actual demand requirement of the facility. For futher information or assistance, please contact our expert team on 0800 008 6588 - Kerr LinkedIn page