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Combined with our experience in compressed air pipework system design, the EQOfluids range of compressed air pipework, aluminium tube and stainless steel pipe system products provide practical, versatile, cost-effective and advanced solutions for the distribution of compressed air and industrial fluids

Compressed air specialists in Scotland for over 40 years and the sole Scottish Registered Distributor for EQOfluids UK pipe systems, we have vast experience of compressed air pipework design and in installing cost-effective, reliable pipework systems to provide efficient distribution of compressed air, Nitrogen, vacuum and oil around customer factories, manufacturing facilities or specialist zoned areas and applications.

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Versatile Aluminium Compressed Air Pipework & Industrial Fluid Pipe System

A unique and versatile product range that is colour coded to comply with the type of media being transported, EQOfluids is a leading European manufacturer of contemporary fluid and corrosion free aluminium air pipework systems that are specified and installed around the world effectively reducing energy costs by 25-30% as compared to conventional piping systems.

The EQO Range of Products

The EQO range comprises push-fit aluminium fittings and colour-coded, powder-coated aluminium tube in 4 and 6-metre lengths from 20mm to 160mm sizes and suitable for 0-70 bar application. It is a true push-fit system with seals and stainless steel grab rings and has many advantages over similar systems because its smooth bore ensures extremely large air flows once assembled.

EQO Fluids range of products including compressed air pipework

Serving small start-up workshops to large industrial plants, the EQO range of aluminium tube and stainless steel pipe system products are used for the distribution of Compressed Air (16 bar), Nitrogen, High-Pressure Compressed Air (70 bar), Vacuum and Oil. The smooth bore of EQO Piping drastically reduces pressure losses in relation to traditional galvanised piping, and the range's versatility allows pipework systems to be assembled for a wide variety of applications.

The compact design and easy installation of the push-fit modular aluminium piping system make it a joy for the installer and is appealing to the eye as the all metal fittings and wide range of diameter tubes are colour coded to suit the flow material of your choice.

From simple modifications or extensions to designing and installing complete new compressed air pipework distribution systems, all installations are completed within the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) Knowledge Base and 'Best Practice Guides’ and in accordance with The Pressure Systems Regulations 2000.