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KERR & KAESER MOBILAIR Portable Air Compressor and Piston Compressors

MOBILAIR Portable Air Compressor & KAESER Piston Compressors

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KAESER MOBILAIR portable air compressor always impress with their exceptional versatility and dependability. The range extends from 1.0 m³/min (27 cfm) all the way up to 48.1 m³/min (1700 cfm). Whether mobile or stationary, powered by a combustion engine or electric motor – these impressive portable powerhouses can be specifically adapted for any application, thanks to a multitude of available equipment options.

KAESER Piston & Reciprocating compressors come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for various applications, demands and requirements. With a range of single-phase and three-phase options, we have cost-effective compact, lightweight and portable models or industrial quality receiver-mounted stationary units with a choice of vertical or horizontal design configurations.

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Portable Air Compressor - MOBILAIR M59 Skid-mounted

MOBILAIR Portable Compressors

Read more about KAESER MOBILAIR Portable Compressors that always impress with their exceptional versatility and dependability.

Reciprocating Compressor Group

Piston & Reciprocating Compressors

Read more about our reciprocating and piston compressor solutions which are available in all shapes and sizes to suit every demand.


KAESER MOBILAIR Portable Compressors | Durable - Dependable - Efficient

Compressed air whenever you need it, wherever you need it – powerful, KAESER MOBILAIR Portable Compressors with advanced, fuel-efficient engines are available in a wide range of models, pressures and configurations for every application:

  • Petrol, Diesel or Electric models
  • Pressure options from 7 to 14 bar
  • Portable road tow, stationary or skid-mounted options
  • Compact & high performance
  • Durable, reliable & quiet

Impressing with their exceptional versatility and dependability, the MOBILAIR range extends from 1.0 m³/min (27 cfm) all the way up to 48.1 m³/min (1700 cfm). Whether mobile or stationary, powered by combustion engine or electric motor – these impressive portable powerhouses can be specifically adapted for any application, thanks to a multitude of available equipment options.

Well equipped for the demands of heavy-duty, continuous operation in construction site environments, they also perform reliably and safely, even under harsh climatic conditions. A durable polyethylene enclosure (availability dependent on model) makes KAESER MOBILAIR units especially rugged and ensures excellent value retention.

Portable compressors are simple to operate and enable excellent accessibility to all maintenance-relevant components, which means all service work can be accomplished efficiently. Designed to deliver more compressed air with lower emissions, these portable all-rounders are equipped with drive engines that comply with EU Stage V emissions standards. KAESER has long been a leader when it comes to environmental protection.

e-power Electric Portable Compressors

MOBILAIR e-power Portable Compressor

Suitable for operation wherever the required electrical power connection is available, e-power electric portable compressors demonstrate their superior strengths by operating completely emissions-free.

Their ultra-quiet electric drive makes e-power units the perfect choice for use in low emission and noise protection zones. The emissions-free drive also means they are ideal for operating in tunnels, excavation pits and buildings.

These portable powerhouses are incredibly durable, compact and energy-efficient. e-power makes them particularly simple to handle and exceptionally maintenance-free, thereby saving you time and costs.

For larger projects and demand, powerful MOBILAIR M250E and M255E stationary electric portable compressors are designed specifically for outdoor operation.

  • Flow rate up to 24.7 m³/min (885 cfm)
  • Gauge working pressure up to 15 bar (215 psi)

Piston & Reciprocating Compressors


Efficient, robust and reliable, the KAESER CLASSIC Series combine unparalleled quality with exceptional value. A highly durable KAESER compressor block forms the heart of each compressor making these cost-effective compressors especially suitable for automotive workshops as well as for small trades, construction and renovation tasks.

Pressure: 10 bar - Displacement: 210 – 460 l/min

KAESER PREMIUM Series compressors are designed and built for continuous operation both in workshops and on construction sites. Available in three practical designs and thirty versions, we can help you find the compressor option that's tailored to your requirements. Regardless of the pressure you require, how durable, easy to manoeuvre or versatile the compressor needs to be, the PREMIUM Series is constructed for years of reliable, daily use.

Pressure: 10/20/25 bar - Displacement: 130 – 660 l/min

CLASSIC & PREMIUM Series Piston Compressors

EUROCOMP Series Compressors

KAESER EUROCOMP Series stationary reciprocating compressors are designed and built for continuous operation in workshops. To ensure installation is as easy as possible, they are available with a choice of air receiver options:

  • Horizontal air receiver: the most popular version for larger spaces
  • Vertical air receiver: offering a reduced footprint for smaller spaces

A highly efficient cooling system serves to maintain low oil and compressed air temperatures, thereby enhancing the efficiency, availability and service life of the compressor and connected air tools. The drive motor and compressor block are connected directly, thereby eliminating transmission losses and making the whole drive system maintenance-free. Low speeds ensure higher levels of efficiency and extend the service life of all moving parts.

Pressure: 10/15 bar | Flow rate: 112 – 1050 l/min

EUROCOMP Series Reciprocating Compressors

Industrial Quality Compressors

KAESER’s KCCD & KCD Series of oil-lubricated industrial reciprocating compressors deliver high pressures and flow rates for industrial applications. For durable and straightforward operation, this range is available in two versions. For fail-safe dependability, dual units comprise two compressors mounted on a horizontal air receiver. Alternatively, integrated base-mounted unit versions are available for integration into individual or existing systems.

Pressure: 10/35 bar - Flow rate: 60 – 1400 l/min

Developed for industrial users with high compressed air quality standards, KAESER’s KCTD & KCT Series of oil-free industrial reciprocating compressors are designed and constructed for demanding industrial applications. This dry-running compressor range is available in three design versions. Compact individual units consist of a compressor and an air receiver with options of horizontal or vertical orientation. For fail-safe reliability, dual units comprise two compressors and an air receiver while integrated base-mounted units are also available.

Pressure: 7/10 bar - Flow rate: 59 – 920 l/min

Industrial Reciprocating Compressors

i.Comp 3 Series Compressors

With its new drive concept, the KAESER i.Comp 3 Series delivers the exact volume of compressed air required to perform the work at hand. Another big advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need for an air receiver. This keeps the i.Comp 3 lightweight and compact, making it an ideal choice for construction sites.

Meticulous construction using the very best materials ensures a long, efficient and reliable service life. No matter what the project or construction job - the i.Comp 3 provides a versatile and dependable supply of oil-free compressed air at all times.

KAESER i.Comp 3 Series Compressor

i.Comp 8 / 9 Series Compressors

The KAESER i.Comp 8 and 9 Series packages are quiet, clean oil-free reciprocating compressors with a variable-speed drive motor. This always delivers the exact amount of compressed air actually required for the application. Robust, compact and extremely versatile they feature KAESER's impressive new drive concept.

With i.Comp TOWER T versions, a compressor block, air receiver, refrigeration dryer and SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller are all housed together within one complete and compact turnkey package. These versions are ideally suited to applications requiring compressed air with high levels of purity including workshops, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and the food & beverages industry.

i.Comp 8/9 Series Compressors
Dental Compressor

Dental & Special Application Compressors

Our range of premium quality, silent oil-free air compressors provide tailored, practical and reliable solutions for specialist dental, medical, laboratory and industrial applications.

Carefully constructed using the very best materials, each unit ensures a long, efficient and reliable service life. Proven quality, robust design and long maintenance intervals make these compressors the ideal choice as special application compressors.

Compressed Air for Dental Technology

To support multiple applications in dental laboratories and universities, KAESER has a range of products for dental technology use including compressors (lubricated and oil-free), refrigerant dryers, high-quality filtration and controllers.

No matter whether for a dental laboratory or preclinical university training, a reliable, dependable supply of oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed air is the most important requirement to ensure satisfied customers and successful studies.

Dental & Special Application Compressors Downloads