Kerr 'Know How' is a blog for Scottish compressed air users that contains a variety of posts and a wealth of knowledge from experienced compressed air experts and specialist engineers from around the world.

Through our blog, we aim to provide a resource to help you improve your existing system or guide you as to how best to plan, design, install and operate an optimised, energy efficient compressed air system to help control costs while minimising any environmental impact.

Featuring posts packed with interesting insights, informative articles, cost saving tips plus best practice and good housekeeping advice, there is something for every compressed air user. Compressed air specialists in Scotland for over 40 years, Kerr Compressor Engineers is proud of its reputation as a respected and recommended supplier of compressed air products, solutions and services.

Kerr ‘Know How’ Blog

Kerr AIRCENTER Compressor with a hat & scarf plus a Kerr Service Van in snowy winter conditions November 21, 2023 Practical Winter Tips to Safeguard your Compressed Air System

Scottish Winters can be notoriously harsh and cold weather can adversely impact your compressed air system and supply. In this seasonal Kerr ‘Know How’ blog, we have some practical tips and recommendations to help safeguard your air compressor installation through the Winter months.

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The Real Cost of Non-Genuine Spare Parts July 11, 2023 The Real Cost of Non-Genuine Spare Parts

Maintaining the integrity of your compressed air system is always important. Here, we explore and discuss how the choice of consumables and spare parts can impact the on-going reliability and performance of a compressed air system and what the real cost of non-genuine spare parts can be.

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Looking after your compressed air system in Summer June 29, 2023 Looking after your Compressed Air System for a hassle free Summer

Some of us may enjoy hot summer weather, however, your compressor equipment may not. In this seasonal blog post, we look at how you can help you keep your compressed air system running efficiently and reliably throughout the warmer months for a hassle free summer.

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Aquaculture Net 2 March 22, 2022 Utilising Low Pressure Air & Compressed Air in Aquaculture

Exploring the importance of reliable and efficient low-pressure blowers to sophisticated, automated fish feeding systems for Aquaculture. In this blog post we look at the key benefits and important role that low pressure air and compressed air plays in automated, pneumatic fish feeding systems.

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Kerr Air Manager March 22, 2022 Mastering your Compressed Air System for Optimum Efficiency

In this blog post we look at how integrating an advanced master controller into a compressed air system with multiple compressors can assist users in optimising the systems energy efficiency. We also highlight the three key ways that advanced master controllers reduce energy consumption.

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Kerr Engineer September 3, 2021 How Preventive Maintenance Can Reduce Your Long-term Costs

In addition to reducing your long-term operating costs, four key benefits of following the original equipment manufacturers recommended preventive compressed air maintenance schedule can be aptly summed up with the abbreviation REAP – reliability, efficiency, air quality and productivity.

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Kerr Prices June 13, 2021 How Important is the Purchase Price of a Comressor?

If you are considering investing in a new compressed air system, what criteria will you use in making your selection? The purchase price? The installation price? Maintenance requirements and costs? Energy efficiency? Evaluating the true-life cycle cost of compressor ownership is recommended.

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Kerr Aqua Blog May 4, 2021 Specialised Aquaculture Applications Require Specialised Products & Solutions

Salmon Aquaculture and the use of sea pens to farm salmon is a booming segment of the food industry. Profit margins are ever high, as is consumer demand. This has led to the increasing use of technology by the Aquaculture industry, much of which relies on both compressed air and low-pressure air.

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To hire or not to hire March 31, 2021 To Hire or not to Hire? When Air Compressor Hire Might be the Right Solution

The pandemic may well have influenced or impacted your capital expenditure plans this past year. Here, we look at the benefits of air compressor hire and when this might be the right solution. We also highlight a new Government initiative available when investing in compressed air equipment.

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