Energy Efficient In-House Nitrogen Generation

Energy Efficient In-House Nitrogen Generation

The Challenge

Requirement for constant supply of Nitrogen to operate laser cutting machine. Currently using bottled Nitrogen which requires bottle to be changed over when empty and also operational overhead of arranging delivery to ensure constant supply.

Kerr compressors Solution

After taking the details of the proposed new Laser Cutting machine he was having installed, we formulated a proposal to provide the Nitrogen through his own in-house Nitrogen Generator. The savings that the customer could make including all supply, maintenance and operational costs easily outweighed the cost of buying the bottles, plus the inconvenience of changing them over every time they emptied. Paybacks of less than 3 Years were possible on his proposed production schedule, with the opportunity to improve if his production increased. As an existing HPC/Kaeser user with 7 other models within his group of companies and over 15 Years of HPC/Kaeser reliability with Kerr’s providing all his service requirements, it was an easy choice to select the same again.

The Outcome

Equipment supplied was a New HPC BSD75 SFC (37 kW Variable Frequency Drive Compressor c/w the latest IE4 Electric Drive Motor), Parker Domnick Hunter Desiccant Dryers, Filtration & Maxi-Gas N2 Generator, Bauer MVG12.2 7 Bar-300 Bar Booster Compressor & High Pressure Storage Bottles. With this set-up our customer now has the facility to operate his full production cycle, whilst re-charging the storage bottles during the night for the next day, therefore he never runs out. Nitrogen is provided at 20 Bar with a purity of 99.999% N2. All equipment comes with a Full Five Years Parts & Labour No Quibble Warranty. For futher information or assistance, please contact our expert team on 0800 008 6588 - Kerr LinkedIn page