June 2021

Kerr Containerised System Helping to Expand Scottish COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Constructed, delivered and installed by Kerr Compressor Engineers in just 8 weeks, a bespoke 40 cubic foot containerised compressed air system is on the front line of Scotland’s response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and testing solutions expansion plans.
Kerr was awarded a contract to design, engineer, build and deliver a complete containerised system comprising multiple compressed air components installed, fully operational and ready for deployment within just 8 short weeks. In addition, Kerr designed, planned and installed a specialist high level pipework distribution system within the customers premises for the clean rooms and packaging areas. Using over 570m of high quality, powder coated EQOfluids aluminium tube with its smooth bore ensuring large air flows of quality, clean compressed air. A further 150m of stainless-steel pipework drops and connections completes the delivery of quality compressed air from the containerised system to the points of use throughout the customer facility.

Meet the Customer:

The complex project and contract awarded to Kerr Compressor Engineers was for a key customer that was expanding its impressive Scottish manufacturing facility and production to support the COVID-19 fight, working to help roll out the Nation’s largest testing programme. The impressive Scottish facility provides specialised sample collection products for critical COVID-19 testing and was expanding given the significant demand globally. The added capacity and increased efficiencies allowed the customer to scale up production at their innovative production facility to more than 8 million filled tubes per week. This is in addition to the 8 million tubes produced per week at a new US manufacturing site. Sample collection products are critical to effective testing for every individual. The customers expert team manufactures media (a transfer liquid) that is aseptically dispensed into tubes that are used to safely collect and transport clinical specimens that may contain the virus. This ensures that the sample collected from a COVID-19 nose swab maintains viability while it is sent to a laboratory for processing. Without the protection of sample collection kits, COVID-19 virus samples could lose their integrity, leading to inaccurate results.

Highlights at a Glance

Bespoke, self-contained, pre-installed, compressor package solution Designed, engineered, built and delivered in just 8 weeks Specialist aluminium and Stainless-Steel pipework distribution system Quality air supply to ISO8573.1:2010 Class 1.2.1 as a minimum

The Application:

Compressed air is an essential utility required in many stages of the manufacturing process at the important and expanding customer facility in Central Scotland. This includes supplying quality air to the production and process machinery used to produce the vital sample collection products plus the clean rooms and packaging areas. The reliability and quality of the compressed air supply is critical to the process and the flexibility of the engineered design means that Kerr Compressors can tailor the system to the specific customer requirements.

Bespoke Containerised Solution:

The self-contained, pre-installed, ready-to-connect 40 cubic foot compressed air container designed and constructed by Kerr Compressor Engineers is suitable for both internal and external placement. Once the electricity, compressed air and waste-water lines were connected, the container was immediately ready for operation. Featuring two energy efficient KAESER HPC 55kW - CSD105 SFC variable frequency rotary screw compressor packages, two 1000 litre fully galvanised vertical air receivers for air storage, a BEKO Technologies zero-purge heat regenerative desiccant dryer system with dewpoint dependent switching, a high temperature activated carbon adsorber, condensate management, an air main charging valve and a KAESER SIGMA Air Manager; the bespoke system is providing a reliable duty and 100% standby source of 2.32 to 10.01 m³/min of clean, high quality compressed air at 7.5 bar working pressure that has been dried to a pressure dewpoint of -40°C and filtered to remove contaminants to achieve the air quality ISO8573.1:2010 Class 1.2.1 as a minimum. Kerr Engineer Banner   With its latest generation of CSD Series rotary screw compressors, KAESER Kompressoren pushes the boundaries of compressed air availability and efficiency even further. Not only do they deliver more compressed air for less energy, but they also combine user-friendliness and ease of maintenance with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design. At the heart of every CSD rotary screw compressor lies a premium quality screw compressor block featuring KAESER’s energy saving SIGMA Profile rotors. Flow optimised for impressive performance; these advanced rotors help KAESER systems set the highest standards in terms of specific output. Furthermore, the 55kW CSD105 SIGMA Frequency Controlled (SFC) units feature a super-premium efficiency IE4 drive motor as standard plus an elite efficiency IES2 Drive System incorporating the latest Siemens Sinamics inverter drive plus synchronous reluctance motor developed in collaboration with KAESER and Siemens perfectly matched for unrivalled levels of performance and energy efficiency. In addition, the CSD Series units are controlled and monitored by the industrial PC based KAESER SIGMA Control 2 compressor controller. This advanced controller matches the variable compressed air delivery to actual current demand and keeps costly idling time to an absolute minimum, thanks to its Dynamic control mode. The KAESER SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 (SAM 4.0) - Master Controller (central intelligence) and SIGMA CONTROL 2 (SC2 & SC2IO) - Compressor Controllers (local intelligence) ensure efficient interplay between all components in the compressed air system. This is where the biggest energy savings in a system can be achieved. The capabilities of an intelligent computer are needed to perform such a complex task, including:
  • Ongoing reduction of energy consumption throughout the entire life cycle of the system (simulation-based calculation of the most efficient operation scenario)
  • Control of individual components within a compressed air station
  • Compressed air and compressed air cost management
  • Communication between a wide range of system components

Compressed Air Pipework Solution

As mentioned, Kerr also planned and installed over 700m of EQOfluids aluminium tube and stainless-steel pipework. The high-level pipework distribution system efficiently distributes quality compressed air from the containerised system to multiple points of use in the clean rooms, packaging areas and throughout the customers impressive manufacturing facility. Practical, versatile and cost effective, the EQO range of pipe system products provide advanced solutions for the distribution of compressed air and industrial fluids. Comprising push fit aluminium fittings and colour coded, powder coated aluminium tube in 4 and 6 metre lengths from 20mm to 160mm sizes and suitable for 0-70 bar application. It is a true push fit system with seals and stainless-steel grab rings and has many advantages over similar systems because once assembled, its smooth bore ensures extremely large air flows. From simple modifications or extensions to designing and installing compete new compressed air distribution systems, all Kerr installations are completed within the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) Knowledge Base and 'Best Practice Guides’ and in accordance with The Pressure Systems Regulations 2000.

The Benefit:

Kerr containerised solutions are tailored to individual customer requirements and can be operated in a wide temperature range. Our experienced team of specialist engineers guide our customers every step of the way from enquiry, design, order, factory approval, packaging, loading and transportation to unloading, initial on-site start-up and handover. The containerised compressor packages are manufactured according to all current regulations and safety requirements and the systems are fully tested where the agreed operating parameters are determined and preset. System operation, together with the proven KAESER SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 master controller (SAM 4.0), guarantees the best possible load efficiency. This type of installation reduces on-site compressor installation time to a minimum. The containers are insulated steel units and feature ISO container corners, statically designed in such a way that they can be lifted at the upper container corners. They are completely internally piped and wired and include a control cabinet with power sub-distribution, an automatic ventilation system, a heater, lighting and emergency lighting. The design is implemented in accordance with customer requirements and requests. Kerr uses insulated containers that are specially produced for each specific project and application. Cameron Kerr, Director for Kerr Compressor Engineers commented: “All the dedicated and expert team at Kerr were delighted and proud to contribute to Scotland’s response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and testing solutions expansion plans.” He continued; “To design, engineer, build and deliver a complete containerised system comprising multiple compressed air components installed, fully operational and ready for deployment within just 8 weeks is the kind of challenge that our specialist engineers relish, even more so when the project is of such importance to Scotland’s ongoing fight against the pandemic”. For immediate assistance at any time, please contact our expert team on 0800 008 6588 - web.enquiry@kerrcompressors.co.uk Kerr LinkedIn page