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BEKO Technologies compressed air dryers feature a range of quality Refrigeration, Desiccant or Membrane dryers which, complete with specialist filtration and air treatment products, remove potentially harmful contaminants, such as water, oil, dirt, and odours.

Atmospheric air drawn into a compressor is a mixture of gases that contains water vapour. The amount of water vapour that air can carry varies and is mostly dependent on temperature. As air temperature rises (which occurs during the compression process) then the capability of air to hold moisture also increases. When compressed air is cooled its capacity to hold moisture reduces, which causes the water vapour to condense.
Refrigerant Air Dryer

Refrigeration Air Dryers

BEKO Refrigeration dryers are the standard solution and first choice for applications with stable operating conditions. They provide the most economical method for drying compressed air and are suitable for industry, manufacturing, craft trades and workshops. Pressure dew points are between +3 and +10°C.

Desiccant Air Dryers

BEKO desiccant compressed air dryers are suitable for complying with high-quality requirements where very low-pressure dew points must be achieved or with very high volume flow. They operate efficiently to achieve dependable pressure dew points of -40°C or -70°C

Membrane Air Dryers

BEKO Membrane dryers are particularly suitable for smaller volume flow rates with a very wide range of the pressure dew points. Well suited for the laboratory sector or as mobile, space-saving drying solutions, pressure dew points range from -40 to +15°C.

Compressed Air Dryers: Process safety is the deciding factor

Moisture in the form of condensate in compressed air systems creates a permanent danger for operation processes. BEKO DRYPOINT RA series refrigeration air dryers, DRYPOINT AC series desiccant air dryers / EVERDRY FRA series adsorption dryers and DRYPOINT M Plus membrane compressed air dryers provide you with considerably increased process safety and therefore significant advantages, plus they go one step further: Due to their large energy-saving potential, you can also protect your financial resources and therefore utilise them more efficiently for your core business. An important criteria for the selection of a compressed air dryer is the desired degree of drying, the air volume flow rate and the compressed air quality class. There is therefore a differentiation between three compressed-air drying methods.

Different methods of compressed-air drying

Our comprehensive range of BEKO Technologies refrigeration, desiccant / adsorption and membrane dryers optimally fulfils all requirements. We can therefore satisfy the requirements for a wide range of drying degrees and quality classes and achieve pressure dewpoints between +15 and -70 °C . In order to find the perfect solution for you, we also set the same high standards for our professional advice and consultation service as those for all of our quality products: sustainable, long-term, individual.
Refrigerant Air Dryer

Refrigeration Air Dryers: the most economical drying method for any compressed air system

BEKO DRYPOINT RA & RA eco Refrigeration Air Dryers

Refrigeration dryers are used in compressed air systems worldwide and represent the current state of technology. Refrigeration drying is the most cost-effective technology for the drying of compressed air: The compressed air is cooled, so that water vapour in the air condensates inside the unit and can be drained away. For applications where stable conditions are a key requirement, the standard BEKO DRYPOINT RA direct expansion dryer is the most efficient and cost effective solution. For fluctuating volume flows, we recommend the BEKO DRYPOINT RA eco range of dryers as its intelligent controls enables users to make significant energy savings.
Refrigerant Air Dryer

Tried and tested - The BEKO DRYPOINT® RA Series

The DRYPOINT RA refrigeration dryer is the standard solution and therefore always the first choice for applications with stable operating conditions and constant pressure dew points of + 3°C. The large variety of models enable us to always be able to provide you with the correct solution for your requirements. Every one of them impresses with reliable drying, minimal compressed air loss as well as low energy consumption, even with varying work load. The tried and tested design of the DRYPOINT RA enables not only maximum functionality, but also reliable, safe and cost-effective operation.

Superior Efficiency with Minimal Pressure Loss

A high pressure drop in the refrigeration dryer must be compensated for by an increased compressor performance and the therefore associated additional energy demand. The consequences are unnecessary energy consumption and significantly higher operating costs. In the case of DRYPOINT RA refrigeration dryers, the pressure drop has therefore been reduced to an absolute minimum. The essential elements here are the flow-optimised heat exchanger, a demister for safe separation and generously dimensioned components, which ensure a low pressure drop of 0.16 bar on average - in full load operation.


Drying DocumentDRYPOINT RA Refrigeration Dryers Models RA 20 to RA 13200  Tech Document DRYPOINT RA eco Refrigeration Dryers Models RA 20 eco to RA 8800 eco  
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Desiccant Air Dryers: compact cold regenerating dryers & heat regenerating adsorption dryers


A BEKO desiccant dryer works according to the adsorption principle. The air is passed at intervals through a container filled with a desiccant. The desiccant is regenerated simultaneously in a second container. With DRYPOINT AC desiccant dryers, we can provide refrigeration regenerating and, alternatively, heat-regenerating desiccant dryers with EVERDRY FRA & FRA-V. Both series are suitable for complying with high quality air requirements where very low pressure dew points must be achieved or with very high volume flow. This method for compressed-air drying can achieve pressure dew points down to -70°C.
Refrigerant Air Dryer

Cold-regenerated Desiccant Dryers - The BEKO DRYPOINT AC Series

Reliable drying – even under high pressure: When the conditions are unfavourable and the air volume flows are higher, then the demands on the construction design of a compressed-air dryer are also higher. The DRYPOINT AC cold-regenerated adsorption dryer is particularly robust and durable due to its high-quality components. They remove the humidity from the compressed air in an efficient and safe manner by utilising a desiccant. A small proportion of the dried compressed air is subsequently implemented for regeneration. Compressed air losses are therefore retained at consistently low levels and the operating costs are significantly reduced.

Compact construction design – benefits with quality, efficiency and service

DRYPOINT AC 119-196 - for flow rates of 10 - 120 m³/hr: The compact adsorption dryer can be connected to any worldwide standard power supply. 20 different installation options make this series particularly flexible. The desiccant is filled in cartridges and extracts moisture from the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40°C.

DRYPOINT AC 450-495 / HL - for flow rates up to 8200 m³/hr: The innovative shuttle valve of this series allows flow even in the event of power failure, making the system particularly safe. Extracts moisture from the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40°C (optional -70°C).

DRYPOINT AC HP - for high pressure from 100 - 350bar: Standard in stainless steel - Maximum service life - Easy and fast maintenance. Properties that make this high-pressure dryer particularly sturdy. Extracts moisture from the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -40°C (optional -70°C).
Refrigerant Air Dryer

Heat-regenerated Desiccant Dryers - The BEKO EVERDRY Series

The EVERDRY desiccant dryer series offers standardised system concepts with a wide range of possible variations as a heat-regenerating adsorption dryer for compressed air. The highly complex tasks involved in compressed-air drying of larger volume flows can therefore be solved particularly economically. Customer-specific requirements can be fulfilled with individual solutions. In such cases it is not the availability, rather the solution-oriented, optimal technology which determines the concept for a drying plant or system. Working in partnership, Kerr and BEKO develops and project manages complete concepts which are tailor-made to each customer´s individual requirements.

Series facts at a glance:

  • For volume flows from 600 - 100,000 m³/h, on request for even larger volume flows
  • Also for demanding installation conditions in tropical areas, corrosive environments or well-insulated cold regions
  • Optionally trimmed for maximum energy efficiency with EVERDRY eco
  • Technology diversity adapted to customer needs
  • Energy-efficient concepts possible through waste heat utilization


Drying DocumentDRYPOINT AC - Cold Regen. Desiccant Dryer Models AC 119 to AC 196  Cold Regen Document DRYPOINT AC - Cold Regen. Adsorption Dryer Models AC 410 to AC 495   DRYPOINT Document DRYPOINT HL Adsorption Dryers Models HL 1250 to HL8200   Drying Tech Document DRYPOINT AC HP - High Pressure Dryer Models AC 60 HP to AC 820 HP   EVERDRY Document EVERDRY FRA-V - Heat Regen. Adsorption Dryers FRA-V 0600 to FRA-V 3400   EVERDRY Document EVERDRY FRA - Heat Regen. Adsorption Dryers FRA 4200 to FRA 20000  
Refrigerant Air Dryer

Membrane Dryers - The BEKO DRYPOINT M Plus Series

Compact, reliable, without electricity: The DRYPOINT M Plus membrane dryer dries the compressed air by means of highly selective membranes. Pressure dew points between +15 and -40 °C can therefore be achieved - one reason for the diverse range of applications even under changing operating conditions. An additional bonus: the integrated nanofilter, which fulfils all the requirements for efficient filtration and thereby also protects the membranes - a dryer and filter in one. The full savings potential of membrane drying can only be used provided that compressed air is only dried as required for the application. The highest reliability and immediate availability of the dry compressed air are the general requirement here. This applies equally to laboratory areas as well as for applications in factory halls or outdoor areas, mobile or stationary.


DRYPOINT Document DRYPOINT M eco control Membrane Dryers Models DEC 1-30S to DEC 9-330S   Dry Kerr DRYPOINT M PLUS Membrane Dryers Models DM 08 to DM 40