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To protect your investment in sophisticated compressed air equipment and to keep it operating reliably and at peak performance; we recommend using only genuine air compressor parts, spares and consumables explicitly approved and branded for your compressed air equipment. These parts have been the subject of manufacturer development and tests in which their reliability, safety and special suitability have been determined. With regard to KAESER HPC, BEKO Technologies, Peak Industrial and our other leading manufacturers' products, we maintain an unrivalled stock of air compressor parts, spares and consumables with a value of over £500K. This stock includes a comprehensive range of service kits that feature all the service items required to complete a variety of service plans and preventative maintenance agreements. These have been carefully created by specialist engineers to safeguard your investment and to maintain your compressed air system in the best possible way. Get a Free Quote

Genuine Air Compressor Parts, Spares & Consumables are designed to ensure:

  • Maximum reliability of compressed air equipment
  • Equipment operates at maximum efficiency
  • Compressed air quality is maintained to ISO standards
  • Optimum life expectancy and return on investment
  • Exceptional value for money
air compressor parts and consumables
  We are proud of our reputation for excellence in all fields of compressed air generation. At the same time, KAESER HPC compressed air equipment is designed and engineered with the quality and technology required to meet the demands of today’s rigorous manufacturing and industrial applications. As a compressed air specialist in Scotland for over 40 years, we have carefully developed a variety of service plans and preventative maintenance agreements which can be tailored to each customer's requirements. Created by our qualified, specialist compressed air engineers, these service plans are designed to maintain your system in the best possible way and at peak operating performance.
With our expert, factory-trained engineers to carry out servicing and replacement of parts throughout the life of your compressed air equipment, you will benefit directly from our investment in specialised training and have a guarantee of workmanship. This will also ensure that your equipment is operating at the best performance levels, saving energy costs and maintaining air quality to ISO quality standards, ensuring downstream equipment is protected. As with all the products we promote, you can be assured of excellent service from the first point of contact and for years beyond.

Maintenance Kits

Maximum reliability of your installation and equipment is maintained by utilising genuine manufacturer air compressor parts and maintenance kits. For example, KAESER HPC Maintenance Kits contain all the consumables most frequently required for any given service. There are many benefits to opting for maintenance kits, including:
  • Cost effective: Purchasing a complete maintenance kit is often more cost-effective than individually buying the sum of its parts
  • Accurate budget planning: eliminate unforeseen and unplanned downtime plus the risk of any associated costs
  • Free up resources: With a maintenance kit, everything is covered, and there is no chance of missing an important part. In addition, you only need one order number, freeing up valuable time for your purchasing team
  • Maximise compressor lifetime: Regular preventative maintenance along with opting for genuine spare parts and consumables will protect your investment in sophisticated equipment and maximise the lifetime of your compressed air system
  • Superior reliability: Only genuine manufacturer spare parts guarantee tested quality and proven durability to ensure unrivalled reliability and long service life
Genuine Air Compressor Parts and Service Kits
Reducing your maintenance and spare part costs may be as simple as planning ahead and taking advantage of a predictive maintenance schedule and maintenance kits to optimise system availability and efficiency while eliminating unplanned downtime and costs.

Compressor Oils & Lubricants

When it comes to operating a fluid-injected (or oil-injected) rotary screw compressor, selecting the right cooling fluid and ensuring its ongoing integrity are both essential to the long-term reliability, efficiency and overall lifetime of the compressor and its wearing parts. Generally, mineral-based cooling fluids are good in lower-duty cycle installations with smaller compressors. In contrast, synthetic-based cooling fluids work well in larger compressor units with high-duty cycles. The compressor cooling fluid represents a significant machine element for oil-injected rotary screw compressors. Opting for a high-quality cooling fluid and following the OEM recommended service intervals will go a long way to ensuring the economic operation, availability and long service life of your investment.
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Expert Assistance

We provide expert assistance, professional advice, and technical support plus genuine manufacturer spares and lubricants for all makes and types of compressed air equipment. Through our specialist engineers and expert teams operating from our four established Sales & Service Centres in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perth; we have the resources and ability to respond to any situation or requirement at short notice. We pride ourselves on providing spares, service and support of the highest quality to customers 24/7 and 365 days a year.
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